Color TV Channels
Animated Sticker Set

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The "Color TV Channels" animated sticker set featuring eight different filmed and televised moments.  These are special lenticular stickers that appear to move when tilted up and down. They are durable, very sticky, and compatible all of the other TV pins. The are also translucent, meaning that the glowing enamel of the screen illuminates the animation. They animate in the dark!

Animated sticker overlays include:

  • Circus Hot Dog
  • Bettie Page
  • Rocket Separation
  • Sonny Chiba
  • Bonanza Shootout
  • Gamera
  • Hermey The Dentist
  • Crossbones Glitch

 They are compatible with all versions of the Glow In The Dark TV Pins (pins not included).

*note: on green-glow enamel, the color stickers glow green in the dark, not full color

Customer Reviews

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Amazing. Well worth it.

As a TV nerd, I fell in love with these at first sight. I ordered four pins, the B&W Channels 2 and the Color TV Channels. I also ordered two of the TV stickers that you can put your extra channels on because I just love them all. I hesitated because of the price but it was well worth it to receive these amazing pieces of art and support a great and passionate artist. Thanks Ryan!

Super fun

This is really fun and of fantastic quality. I'm glad someone who likes the stuff I like is making wearable art. Keep it up. I'm a new fan! The added sketch and TY note lets you know you're supporting a real live artist person! Woohoo.

pretty amazing stuff right here, eh.

loved the stickers, they're pretty amazing and the bonus stuff was like a kiss from a loved one you haven't seen in months. amazing!


Color TV Channels <br>Animated Sticker Set

Love them!

The the personal note with the sketch made me feel very special.