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"Deep Blue" Variant TV Pin

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Looking for something a little moody? Not ready to blind your friends with a bright green glow? Perhaps the "Deep Blue" TV pin variant is what you're looking for. This version of the classic TV pins design comes with an enigmatic blue glow. By its chemical nature, blue glow pigment is much less bright than green glow. However, it's still a miracle of chemistry and looks cool on your jacket.

The Deep Blue variant comes in either Original Edition or Woodgrain Television designs.

Customer Reviews

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John Pool

I recently purchased the Deep Blue Variant TV pin in both Original and Woodgrain because I couldn't make a decision on one or the other so I had to have both. I'm 43, so these take me back to when I was a young boy that sat in front of these exact TV sets..when you'd have to get up every time to physically to change the channel and sometimes having to bang on them thinking that would somehow make the TV magically work and come into focus...how times have changed 🙃 Nervertheless, upon receiving both pins I was greatly impressed with the unique designs and quality. They're made to last and have a nice weight to them. The simple and classic designs paired with the deep variant blue that glows brightly in the dark sets these pins apart from all the rest. I've received a lot of compliments from family and coworkers alike. My 14yr old daughter wanted the Woodgrain TV so I let her have it and she loves it. I'm very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend ELLINGSON pins.

Eric Ostgarden
Absolutely amazing stuff.

Upon opening my package on its arrival I was greeted by an amazing drawing by Joshua on my invoice. The two pins I recieved were exactly as pictured, just the right size I envisioned them. The stickers were incredibly easy to install and fit absolutely perfectly over the glow in the dark tube section. I was even had 6 extra stickers for my left over animated stickers, and a little Keychain LED light (awesome).

Of the two pins I ordered the blue glow in the dark material is definitely more noticeable. Highly luminous led flashlights will charge these very well.

Final note. Choose your animated stickers wisely (It's very difficult cause they're all amazing). Once you stick your favorite one on it's not coming off easily. If you absolutely feel the need to take it off do so carefully, use some gentle heat and a plastic edge tool like you see in kits for taking apart phones. The instructions are absolutely correct that sticker is done once you remove it.

All in all these are my two favorite pins. Amazing work and customer care.

Innovative, beautifully made art!

These pins are made with love and so well crafted. They remind me of one of a kind dazzling items you would find before mass production became our reality! We are in love. Thank you

Jeannie Harmon
awesome pins

the pins are great quality as are the lenticular stickers. I got the Metropolis/Nosferatu set and three of the TV pins, and I love how well the glow-in-the-dark part works with the stickers.

Best pins ever!

Thank you 📺! I ordered a few deep blues (one to share the coolness) and a creeping Nostaratu for good measure. And who doesn't love stickers? 🫀.