Woodgrain Prototypes 2-Pack (White/Blue) with
Color/B&W TV Channels Animated Sticker Set

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Here at Ellingson Labs, we're hard at work trying to perfect simulated woodgrain with enamel pin materials. In our search, we also experiment with different photo-luminescent pigments to create different color glows. The results can be...unexpected. Featured here are two different attempts at colors other than the standard green glow.

Woodgrain TV Pin - Faint White Glow
Woodgrain TV Pin - Dreamy Blue Glow

The current white glow is an epic failure of luminosity, barely squeaking out the faintest of glows. The blue glow works and is oddly soothing on its own, but not bright enough to properly illuminate a dense sticker overlay. 

Diagnosis- Neither bright enough for Prime Time.
Prognosis- TERMINAL

These variations will remain among the shelves of oddities at Ellingson Labs unless you take them home. We feel that the blue and white TV pins should be adopted together. Each pair will ship with one sheet of Color/B&W TV Channels Animated Stickers. 

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