VESSEL Hard Enamel Pin

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A jug can contain, but given the opportunity, it can also float. The water is as deep as you want it to be.

"And of all the designs
Thus far formulated by humans
None have been
As adequately anticipatory
Of the probable reoccurrences
Of yesterdays' experiences-
Positive and negative,
Large and small,
Frequent and infrequent,
Sudden and slow-
And therefore as
Progressively comprehensive
Complexedly adequate,
Economically exquisite,
Powerfully eloquent
And regeneratively reinspiring
To further evolutionary perfection
As is
The sailing ship.

It is visually obvious
Even to the inexperienced viewer
That the sailing ship is designed
To cope with nature's
Most formidably hostile
Environmental conditions
For human survival,
Those existing at the interface
Of the ocean's and the atmosphere's
Ofttimes tumultuous ferocity,
Where, for long and most often,
Of all places around Earth
An unprepared, ill-equipped humanity
Usually perished.

For it was the many lethal experiences
With those myriad
Of awesomely demanding conditions
Witnessed by a few fortunate survivors
Which progressively invoked
Man's subjective discovery
And objective invention
Of general engineering principles
As well as the foundations of mathematics
From which in turn he evolved
Not only competent naval architecture
But such other mathematicalessentials as
Chronometers, compasses, charts
Spherical trigonometry, sextants
And celestial navigation,
and thereby derived
Instrumentally guidable safe passaging
Of multitonned vessels
Scudding along under full sail
Over the rocks and shoals permeated
Great ocean waters
Under the invisible conditions
Of night, fog and high seas.
And sailing ships
Unlike bulldozers
Do no damage to the sea, land or sky
While employing the windpower
Without any depletion
Of the vast wealth of universal energy.

And because the sailing ship's beauty
Is the unpremeditated consequence
of omni-integrity in designing
Both its comprehensively anticipatory performance as a ship
As well as the technology of it's building,
That functional beauty has inspired
The high-seas sailorman,
Voyaging safely within it's womblike hold,
Not only reproductively to proliferate
The successful prototype designs
But also spontaneously to identify
Sailing ships
As females."

-R. Buckminster Fuller (Intuition: Metaphysical Mosaic)

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Lindsay Smith
Good Jug!

Very good! Much jug!