B&W TV Channels
Animated Sticker Set

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The "B&W TV Channels" animated sticker set featuring eight different filmed and televised moments.  These are special lenticular stickers that appear to move when tilted up and down. They are durable, very sticky, and compatible all of the other TV pins. The are also translucent, meaning that the glowing enamel of the screen illuminates the animation. They animate in the dark!

Animated sticker overlays include:

  • Atom Bomb Test
  • Phantom of the Opera 1925
  • Bust Keaton in Steamboat Bill Jr.
  • Duck And Cover
  • Le Voyage dans la Lune (Man on the Moon)
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The Beverly Hillbillies (Season One intro)
  • Mysterious Swirls


They are compatible with all versions of the Glow In The Dark TV Pins (pins not included).

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Koch

Very high quality pin! Shipped quickly and came with a nice handwritten note. Thank you for the bonus pin and stickers!! 🖤

Michael Jones

B&W TV Channels <br>Animated Sticker Set

Brian Bakri
over the top

I had purchased an earlier version of Josh's tv and stickers, which were awesome. What a cool concept. Just came across the animated lenticular sets...whooaa. The cool factor is over the top! Great execution and unique product. And then, there are the stickers, the blessed glow in the dark tv stickers, and another realm of possible uses. So glad I got all the sets, and will keep my eyes open for even more. Now, how about a Predicta tv pin? Hint, hint.

Richard Hargrove
Tiny tv screens

I love them, they have great motion and great subject matter. I wish they would also make some a little bigger also.


Coolest pin I own!

The nostalgia and distinct level of cool that emanate from this pin are unreal. As a film nerd and pin collector, this is an absolute must. Now I just long for some classic Universal monster expansion sticker sheets... especially the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Thanks for such a quality pin! You’re killin it!!!!