"Deep Blue" Variant TV Pin

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This is a variation on the Original Edition TV pin with a rich blue glow enamel screen area instead of green. Blue glow pigment is not as bright as the standard green but if you're looking for something a little different and moody, this might be the pin you're looking for.

Ships without a sticker but maybe you have some extras laying around.

Customer Reviews

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My Last Review Was Better

Yeah, I know my last review got "Review of the Day" or whatever, but to be honest I was hepped up on my second dose of Pfizer so it was really the Mind Controlling 5G talking. That being said, you still should really just buy all the things because Joshua Ellingson is certainly the most avant garde enamel pin-producing raccoon entertainer around.

Also, this pin is cool.

So cute and fun

I really love the pin. The tv looks exactly like the one I had as a child and the choices of stickers to put on the tv are great. I also appreciated the communication and hand written note I received with my order. Thank you!!

Spookily delicious

It looks like a monitor & i love that. The static looks best, in my opinion - & it's an ELLINGSON.

Beautiful product, promptly delivered.

Ever since the crowdfunding campaign I've been in love with your products, I've bought most of them just to support what you're doing. Keep making pretty glow in the dark pins.

Rainbow Gamera

My recent order was a delight! It was easy to order, arrived quickly...and above all was awesome! I knew it would be fun but WoW -the "Rainbow Gamera" pins was beyond what I expected! Also the "Deep Blue Variant" pins feels special and the color compliments the Color TV Channels Animated Sticker Set. Plus Josh makes it all extra special with the his unique magic. :)