Deluxe TV Channels
Animated Sticker Set

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The "Deluxe TV Channels" animated sticker set featuring eight different filmed and televised moments.  These are special lenticular stickers that appear to move when tilted up and down. They are durable, very sticky, and compatible all of the other TV pins. The are also translucent, meaning that the glowing enamel of the screen illuminates the animation. They animate in the dark!

Animated sticker overlays include:

  • Intermission
  • Shampoo Commercial 
  • House On Haunted Hill
  • Glitch Logo Black & White
  • UFO Moon Base
  • Rodney on Carson
  • Santa vs. The Martians
  • Dawn Of The Dead

 They are compatible with all versions of the Glow In The Dark TV Pins (pins not included).

*note: on green-glow enamel, the color stickers glow green in the dark, not full color

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Ethan Jock

great! as always