Industrial Copper TV Pin

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Don't want a whole pack of stickers? Choose one of four lenticular black and white TV channels pre-installed. We'll ship it with the sticker perfectly in place. You can also choose "None" for a blank glow-in-the-dark screen.

This Special Edition "Industrial Copper" TV Pin features a weathered copper patina beneath a gloss layer of protective epoxy. The screen glows a bright mint green when exposed to sunlight, a flash light, or UV light.

Customer Reviews

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I am very pleased with my new TV pin, I will surely be back for more in the future. Thank you!

Amy Fleming
Love this pin!

I am really happy with this purchase. I love my robot Maria pin!

Scott Faris
Absolutely brilliant.

My wife and I composed a new sound track to Metropolis in 2013, so when we found your pins with Maria we were thrilled. Excellent and inventive work, Joshua. Really brilliant, and excellent customer service.

Carlyn Lindstrom
Love it!

Amazing! Wonderful! Spooky!

Natalie Devo
When I Sing “My Favorite Things”, This Is Included

I cannot express how much I love this pin! It’s honestly one of my favorite things, and I will cherish it. Nothing impresses my dad; he’s a Sam Elliot type who has seen it all. He thought it was one of the coolest things he’s seen in a while. Seriously, if you’re thinking about buying this, do it! The shipping is super fast and it’s just a real cool piece to have if you collect pins. Also, the personalized note/drawing really made me smile when I was having a really bad day.