Industrial Copper TV Pin

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Don't want a whole pack of stickers? Choose one of four lenticular black and white TV channels pre-installed. We'll ship it with the sticker perfectly in place. You can also choose "None" for a blank glow-in-the-dark screen.

This Special Edition "Industrial Copper" TV Pin features a weathered copper patina beneath a gloss layer of protective epoxy. The screen glows a bright mint green when exposed to sunlight, a flash light, or UV light.

Customer Reviews

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When I Sing “My Favorite Things”, This Is Included

I cannot express how much I love this pin! It’s honestly one of my favorite things, and I will cherish it. Nothing impresses my dad; he’s a Sam Elliot type who has seen it all. He thought it was one of the coolest things he’s seen in a while. Seriously, if you’re thinking about buying this, do it! The shipping is super fast and it’s just a real cool piece to have if you collect pins. Also, the personalized note/drawing really made me smile when I was having a really bad day.

🌈❤️ 📺

These are beautiful little pins! I ordered Fritz Lang’s 1927 iconic Metropolis Maria, mother of all Sci-fi movie robots and also the sexy Dancing Maria pin.
Will definitely order more.


Bought a couple pins for a friend and I, and we both love them, will definitely be getting more. The pins I bought are fantastic and well-made. But I was also impressed at how--even in the midst of a pandemic, wherein I'd expect myself to be patient and willing to wait an extra week or so--fast the products arrived. I think I got these 2-3 days after ordering--insane. Props to Mr. Ellingson, stay safe!


I'm a repeat customer, and for good reason. This time, I saw a copper pin (my favorite color) was available. I got mine with Nosferatu. I also ordered more stickers for my glow in the dark tv pin. I love these!!

So Cool!

I bought one of these on a whim before the holidays and I definitely plan to order more. I've gotten nothing but compliments since wearing mine out. Very well made and very well thought out!