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Original Edition TV Pin

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Don't want a whole pack of stickers? Choose one of four lenticular black and white TV channels pre-installed. We'll ship it with the sticker perfectly in place. You can also choose "None" for a blank glow-in-the-dark screen.

The "Original Edition" TV pin features the classic beige and blue color scheme, a protective epoxy overlay, and a blue enamel screen that glows a minty green in the dark after being exposed to light.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
hunter brown
Nice touch

I work in the film industry and wear suits. This lapel pin is a nice subtle touch

Ethan H.
Love it!

It looks great with my other pins and I'm very impressed with the quality! I might even order some of the alternate versions too!

Jennifer Halward
Fun, unique, impressed!

Thank you! Just got my pin in the mail and my 14 year old son saw it and wanted one of his own. We will be ordering another one if not more soon. Fun gifts. Really appreciate the thank you note in the package. You rock and made my day!

Squeaky pieces
Beautiful pins and stickers

These pins are so unique and cute! The quality is top notch and they make a lovely gift for any retro fan! I used to spend many hours playing Frogger on a black and white television just like this when I was young. Thanks for the nostalgia!

Kim F
It me... Again

I purchased this for my brother because of his experience watching Nosferatu for the first time. Honestly, I am so dumb for not getting myself one at the same time. It is honestly so glorious, a word I love and have never had the chance to use until now. Glorious!!! Also, didn't mention in my other review but it also shipped so quick! A total A+++ experience. Much appreciated!