"The Double" TV Pin

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This TV pin is two TVs in one! This way, you can use two stickers on the pin for two different animations at once. This pin is a great excuse to use extra stickers from the sticker sets.

The left TV screen glows a subtle blue while the right TV screen glows bright green. (Note: blue glow is much less bright than green)


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Double The Pleasure

I don't really know what to say about these pins anymore. They're all fantastic and awesome and cool and you can't get anything like it anywhere else from anyone named Josh(ua) that I know of, so if you're ACTUALLY reading THIS REVIEW to try and determine whether or not you should buy a thing from Ellingson, just stop and put all the things in your cart and then check out and they will reach you in record time with a fun, personalized "thank you" drawing on the receipt and probably a little extra thing or two you didn't expect and you will be SO DELIGHTED and then you'll photograph it and post it on instagram and then all your friends will be jealous and want to know where you got that fruiting awesome pin and you can say "Ellingson, man. Ellingson".
Also that's a Doublemint Gum reference, for those of you who don't remember a time when you couldn't fast forward through television advertisements.


I ordered a couple of pins from Ellingson and I was blown away by the quality and the coolness of them. Fast shipping with no issues at all. If you're looking for a extremely cool pin that's high quality I would recommend Ellingson pins.

Harkens back to my childhood

I had to have this pin as soon as I saw it. Growing up, my dad had two TVs, one B/W & one color, side by side in our living room. He never wanted to miss the news on multiple networks, and his shows like Hill Street Blues & Barney Miller. At the time, it seemed both awkward & hilarious, but now it’s clear that he was ahead of his time ;)

Coolest pin I've got on my jacket

Recieved the pin very quickly, and immediately was impressed by the level of dedication in the packaging alone. As stated in the description of the pin, the blue glow in the wooden panel tv was lackluster but still provided a nice spot to put one of the surprisingly detailed stickers. Overall, id absolutely buy another one!