UV Keyring Light

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Super-charge your glow-in-the-dark items while you're on the go with this discreet UV keyring light.  It lights up with a press of a button and works great for charging up TV pins!

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Taylor
Convenient little Light

Nice little uv light to activate the glow in dark function on my pin. Affordable price and great add on to my purchase!

Coolest pin ever

It’s seriously so rad, can’t wait for customizable stickers!!! 🤘 also the light was worth it!

Katie W
Brilliant pin is brilliant

I’m gonna have to get another one, this pin is so cool!

Once again thoroughly impressed!!

I originally purchased the Nosferatu and metropolis pack pin and was truly amazed when I got it, even a friend seen mine and went and bought one the next day. so naturally when I had seen the B+W TV set I had to have it. And honestly the only thing I regret is not buying two that’s how much I love it!! Really a well made and Great quality pin. And not to mention the cool little personalized thank you I got was awesome!! Highly!!! and I do mean Highly recommend adding one of these to your collection maybe even 2 or 3

Liz W

Now that I have this I simply cannot help but look at it and go “Oooooooooooooooooh.”

I’m so excited to give the other two pins as gifts and share the oooooooohing.

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