Woodgrain with Animated Sticker Set

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NEW- Woodgrain Television pins are here with your choice of animated sticker overlay sets!

This "Woodgrain Television" redesign of the Glow In The Dark TV pin features a dimensional faux-woodgrain texture and an extra-bright green glow screen area. It has a thin layer of protective epoxy that provides a flat surface for the included sticker set.

The Woodgrain Television pin set ships with a set of eight TV "channels" sticker overlays. These are special lenticular stickers that appear to move when tilted up and down. They are durable, very sticky, and compatible all of the other TV pins. They are also translucent, meaning that the glowing enamel of the screen illuminates the animation. They animate in the dark! 
(* the color stickers glow green-ish in in the dark)

Choose from these different animated sticker overlay sets:

Customer Reviews

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So cool!

Should have got 2!


Woodgrain with Animated Sticker Set

Love this pin!

This pin is so cool, great quality and it arrived super fast! Thank you!

How Even Does He Do It?

Wow. I bought this set for my husband and was sooo close to not telling him so I could keep it for myself. So. Freaking. Dope. I really do not even have the words to describe how COOL this is. Who even thinks of this? What a great idea and concept and just wOW. And the execution of said idea. Ellingson.tv you and your brain are a gift from the stars themselves! Thanks much!

Cinephile’s wet dream

This is the coolest pin a now own, and I own many. Whether a movie/television fan or simply love the look of vintage televisions. This is the best way to show it.
I love that it included a Hermey sticker for when Christmas comes around. I will definitely be buying more pins and stickers.